Online counselling and emotional wellness sites India

List of best sites for online counselling and emotional wellness platform in India.

List of best sites to answer all your emotion queries, be it extra working hours, loneliness, stress, depression, confusions, unstable relationships, marriage. List of sites for emotion support system.
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1Your Dost

Stressed, depressed or confused, want a friend for your support, now you have YourDOST with you. It is an emotional support system where you can be completely anonymous and vent out your feelings to special friends consisting of psychologists and other experienced people.Be it extra working hours, loneliness, stress, depression, confusions, unstable relationships, they have answer to all your questions.
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2Healthe Minds

Healtheminds provides online counselling. Services include counselling for various concerns & issues such as depression, relationship problems, stress, anxiety , marriage counselling, ,couple counselling, , book appointment with top counsellors .
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3Epsy Clinic

Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Concentration issues, Lifestyle, pregnancy, Career , no matter what your problem is , they have solutions. Your emotional & mental wellness is a click away . You will get complete support, treatment & help here for depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, relationship and career issues. has the best doctors & psychologists in India who are extensively trained for effective Online treatment & therapy.
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4Glow Pink

Be it health,beauty or wellness, you can ask experts about it. A women’s only platform, where doctors and other experts are also women .Post your questions anonymously. Verified Doctors/Experts with good experience in consulting in their specific areas .
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Exclusive platform for women. A much needed platform for today’s Indian women. It is a platform where you can get answers of all those small questions related to your health, which you would have hesitated asking anyone else or would have ignored. Read informative articles, expert speak, interview & more.
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6Love Doctor

LoveDoctor is a platform for you to get confidential answers to your questions about sex and relationships from experts. All of your answers are given one on one, in a private chat session with you and a qualified expert.
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7Live Love Laugh Foundation

The Live Love Laugh Foundation is that common platform where everyone can get comprehensive knowledge, connect with professionals, and find comfort knowing that they are not alone. You can also help someone who is suffering from depression & does not know how to deal, with their guide available in 12 languages.
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