Best sites to learn coding

Wanted to learn web development or any programming languages . Want to develop an app or website, or want to make a career on developing software solution then learn skills from these useful sites. We have listed all useful sites to learn web development courses or programming languages. Learn from examples or learn from video tutorials.


Frankly great resource for learning programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. They teach from basics , you will love learning it.Its free , the interface is so cool , just go with the flow and you will fill the difference after the course is completed and they take more cues from Facebook and Zynga in creating an engaging educational experience than they do from the classroom.
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Just start learning , simple , cool and useful .Learn web technologies , they have wide variety of tutorials which contains html, css , javascript , jquery , ajax , json , angular , google maps , php and more.They have a lot of examples which is a great. Just go for it .
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3Tutorials Point

It’s a ocean of tutorials for web technologies and software development .Think of a technology and you find it. All tutorials are very well structured As they say Just clear crisp and to the point content nothing else.
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Learn from Examples

4Tuts Plus

If you like to learn through examples , so they have many examples from where you can learn , they have free tutorials as well as paid ones to choose from.
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5Tympanus Codedrops

Frankly you will love the content they come up with , very new and useful and you will not able to decide which to implement for your website as each one is awesome .
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Video Tutorials


So whether your are a beginner or a pro , they provide all tools to excel . Simplied learning process . They provide three ways to learn – Track , Project or Topic . So track is a curated collection of courses . Project is learning by building something – they provide a lot of options .also learn by topic (php , ruby , css …). Collection include web designer , front end web developer , android development & more. You can also share your work for review , problem solving & support. Paid service but can try it for free . It also offers help with job placement and internships, which is a pretty big bonus .
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It’s a library of video cources to learn new skills . It gives you access to thousands of cources which range from beginner to intermediate to advanced . Categories include development , design , animation , web , education & more . They also contains tutorial videos on photography , bussiness , music etc . It’s a paid service .Courses for all levels cover technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies, and more. If you likes to jump straight into things, and works best by example, then Lynda is probably the right choice for you.
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Best part of their courses are , they are built by Tech companies which include ( google , facebook , at&t & more ) , so they teach you what matters . Learn skills for specific job title & solve real challenges . All their course materials are free . You will fall in love with their teaching . So whether you want to learn skills for front end developer , android developer or full stact developer , they have it all for you.
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They don’t provide a curated collection on cources or structured approach , but it’s more like a platform , where different instructor provide tutorials for same topic , so you have a lot of choice but it’s better to research the instructor’s credentials , before taking a course . Each course has a price, and you get unlimited access to the videos for that course .More than 32,000 courses & over 8 million students.
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10Khan Academy

This is a broader education platform . They cover a wide range of subjects which include math , science , economics & finance , arts & humanities , computing , test prep , talks & interview & more . Each course has a series of videos that help you learn a new skill, and interactive challenges that guide you along. It is fully free service. Best for beginners.
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11Code School

Online learning destination . More than 40 courses covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Git, and iOS .Best part the course is built around a creative theme and storyline so that it feels like you’re playing a game, not sitting in a classroom. Every course containd tutorial videos & challenges . You can also read reviews about the courses . Intial part of the courses are free but not all.
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